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APA Statement on Valuing Public Philosophy

The APA board of officers has approved the following statement, which was proposed by the committee on public philosophy and the committee on the status and future of the profession: ¶ The American Philosophical Association values philosophers’ participation in the public arena. This includes work that engages with contemporary issues as well as work that brings traditional philosophies to non-traditional settings. Public philosophy may also bring the discipline into dialogue with other humanities, the arts, natural sciences, social sciences, and interested people outside of academia. Public philosophy is done in a variety of traditional and non-traditional media. Public philosophy can be especially valuable when it reaches populations that tend not to have access to philosophy and philosophers. Further, the APA notes that public philosophy raises the profile of the discipline, the scholar, and the home institution. ¶ The APA encourages departments, colleges, and universities to recognize public philosophy as a growing site of scholarly involvement. To that end, the...

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Every good portfolio website has a blog with fresh news, thoughts and develop­ments of your activities. Feeling Responsive offers you a fully functional blog with an archive page to give readers a quick overview of all your posts.

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Feeling Responsive is heavily customizable.
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Feeling Responsive is free and licensed under a MIT License. Make it your own and start building. Grab the Bare-Bones-Version for a fresh start or learn how to use it with the education-version with sample posts and images. Then tell me via Twitter @phlow.

Sharing pedagogy

Seeing as it's now summer break for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere--when many of us take much-needed vacations, but also do research and summer teaching, and prepare for the next academic year--I thought it might be fun to have a thread where we share teaching strategies. I don't know about you, but how often do you really hear about how other people teach? For my part, I hardly have a clue what other people do! Yet learning how other people teach can surely be helpful--not only giving one ideas for changes and innovations that might improve one's performance as a teacher, but also ideas for how to make teaching more fun! So why not share with each other? This is what I propose we do in this thread. As usual, I'll begin with a summary of some of the things I do as a teacher (and why I do them), and then invite you all to do the same. Sound good? I hope so!  When I finished my PhD, my idea of teaching was basically standing in front of a classroom and lecturing/having a phil... Read More ›

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How can we help you? (May 2017)
Seeing as it has been nearly two months since we've done a "How can we help you?" post, and we are just at the beginning of summer break (in the Northern Hemisphere at least!), I thought now might be a perfect time for one. For those of...Read More ›

Cocoon conference: call for referees
Now that the deadline for submitting papers to this year's Cocoon conference has passed, I have a lot of papers that need to be reviewed. Anyone willing to help out by reviewing a paper or two? If so, please just send me an email with y...Read More ›

Philosophical/scientific virtues and the history of inquiry
Last Friday, Justin Weinberg ran a post at Daily Nous speculating on what the virtues of a philosopher are, and proposing the following as an initial list: Humility – knowledge of the limits of one’s knowledge, including one’s knowledg...Read More ›

Cocoon Mentoring Program: June 1st signups!
Helen De Cruz and I are happy to announce a June 1st signup start date for this year's iteration of the Cocoon's Job-Market Mentoring Program. For those of you who may not be familiar with the program, here is the project's description ...Read More ›

Most-Shared Cocoon Posts of 2014 (by author)
As a continuation of this month's five-year retrospective, here are the Cocoon's most-shared posts of 2014 by author. Enjoy!: Marcus Arvan The Sociology of Philosophy? (2,004 shares) Tomas Bogardus Only Naturalists Should Worry About Ev...Read More ›

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