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Ad Hoc

¶ ¶ Ad Hoc by Rachel Katler ¶ Other Daily Nous Comics / More Info about DN Comics / Rachel Katler on Twitter ¶ The post Ad Hoc appeared first on Daily Nous.

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Mind and Behavior: Vol. 40, No. 1 : Just published. Brendan Markey-TowlerCognitive sciencejournal of mind and behaviorMarc Champagnephilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mind ...
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Valhalla Vodka : It’s been a while since something interesting on the boozy front has come my way. This vodka has flavour (without being actually flavoured) coming from a residual barley mash that hasn’t been fully filtered out. T ...
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John Lawson’s Love in the Ruins : John Lawson (website here) has created this piece especially for the 2019 Walker Percy Festival. ArtJohn LawsonLouisianalove in the ruinsnew orleansWalker Percy ...
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The Shared World: Perceptual Common Knowledge, Demonstrative Communication, and Social Space : Just published. 4eAxel Seemanncommon knowledgeEmbodied cognitive sciencejoint attentionSocial psychology ...
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The Semiotics of Hair : humoursatiresemioticsthe chap ...
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Ad Hoc
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How do we pry apart the true and compelling from the false and toxic?: When false and malicious speech roils the body politic, when racism and violence surge, the right and role of freedom of speech in society comes ... Read more... ...
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ROE V, WADE: There is increasing reason to fear that some time in the next year, the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade. I leave it to you to check the news and seek out Justice Breyer’s warning that the High Court seems increasingly re ...
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For/giving and Other Existential Challenges in Nathalie Etoke’s Melancholia Africana: by Lewis R. Gordon The English translation of Nathalie Etoke’s Melancholia Africana comes to print this year through Rowman & Littlefield International’ ...
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Socially Extended Epistemology: 2019.05.11 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews J. Adam Carter, Andy Clark, Jesper Kallestrup, S. Orestis Palermos, and Duncan Pritchard (eds.), Socially Extended Epistemology, Oxford Unive ...
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Old Age and Decline: Some Philosophical Reflections
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Bart Streumer on Error Theory: Here. ...
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2. Do Experts Really Perceive the World Differently from Non-Experts?: People sometimes say things like the following: Cabernet Sauvignon tastes different to an expert wine taster than to a novice; or, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony sounds differ ...
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Let me tell you what women like: I studied philosophy in undergrad at a state school (with no grad program in philosophy). The school itself was highly diverse, and the department was more diverse than the average philosophy department. About ...
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Talk by Walter Veit at Bilkent, 16 May
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Old Age and Decline: Some Philosophical Reflections

The Four Ages of Man - Nicolas LancretThere’s an oft-repeated ‘fact’ thrown around in debates about retirement and old age. The details can vary but it’s something to the effect that when the pension entitlement age was set at 65 in the early part of the 20th century, very few people could expect to collect it, and those that did could only expect to collect for a few years (probably no more than 5). This was because life expectancy was so much lower back then. Hence setting pension entitlement at 65 was a relatively low cost gesture for the government. But what was low cost back then has turned into a major expenditure today, now that people are living so much longer and life expectancy has shot up. Whereas most people could only expect to live to their early 60s in the early 1900s, nowadays the majority can expect to live into their late 70s/early 80s. This places considerable strain on public finances and means more people are spending more of their lives in a ‘retired’ and ‘non-... Read More ›

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AI and Sexuality (New Paper)
I have new paper. This one is set to appear in the Oxford Handbook of the Ethics of AI, which is edited by Markus Dubber, Frank Pasquale and Sunit Das. The book isn't out yet. I believe it is due out in the Autumn/Fall. You can access th...Read More ›

#59 - Torres on Existential Risk, Omnicidal Agents and Superintelligence
In this episode I talk to Phil Torres. Phil is an author and researcher who primarily focuses on existential risk. He is currently a visiting researcher at the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk at Cambridge University. He has publ...Read More ›

Possible Worlds and Possible Lives: A Meditation on the Art of Living
Here’s a simple thought, but one that I think is quite profound: one’s happiness in life depends, to a large extent, on how one thinks about and navigates the space of possible lives one could have lived. If you have too broad a concepti...Read More ›

Who Should Explore Space: Robots or Humans?
Should humans explore the depths of space? Should we settle on Mars? Should we become a “multi-planetary species”? There is something in the ideal of human space exploration that stirs the soul, that speaks to a primal instinct, that pla...Read More ›

#58 - Neely on Augmented Reality, Ethics and Property Rights
In this episode I talk to Erica Neely. Erica is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Ohio Northern University specializing in philosophy of technology and computer ethics. Her work focuses is on the ethical ramifications of emerging t...Read More ›

Understanding Hume on Miracles (Audio Essay)
This audio essay is an Easter special. It focuses on David Hume's famous argument about miracles. First written over 250 years, Hume's essay 'Of Miracles' purports to provide an "everlasting check" against all kinds of "superstitious del...Read More ›

The Fate of Rationalism in Oakeshott’s Thought : Oakeshott’s critique of rationalism is taken up in greater depth in Kenneth Minogue’s essay “The Fate of Rationalism in Oakeshott’s Thought.” Minogue, Oakeshott’s longtime colleague at the LSE, ...
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What If There’s Nothing You Should Do?
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How Would David Hume Explain Our Political Divisions? -

C+T Volume 6, Issue 6+7 : Link here.   classical liberalismcosmos & taxisKarl Popper ...
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Nick Capaldi : Happy 80th to Nick. I’ve known Nick for 20 years and have always admired his dogged and unflappable ability to swim against the tide. Moreover, he has always been most generous and encouraging to me and in support of my v ...
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In the Penal Colony : My favourite Kafka story improbably realized as an opera. But since it’s Glass, it’s not that much of a surprise. As is the case these days, things are vulgarized by the obligatory push for “relevance&# ...
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Raymond Aron’s Philosophy of Political Responsibility: Freedom, Democracy and National Identity : Based upon reading some of Christopher’s other work, this should prove to be a superb read.     Christopher Adair-Toteffclassica ...
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Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update
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Farewell, Feminist Philosophers
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The Varied Careers of Philosophy Majors
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The Invisible Philosopher: Hans Blumenberg: by Bruce Krajewski Hans Blumenberg (1920-1996) is a posthumous celebrity in post-war German philosophical circles, partly thanks to Sibylle Lewitscharoff’s 2011 novel, Blumenberg. Now, without ... R...
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A tweak to regularity: Let Gp be the law of gravitation that states that F = Gm1m2/rp, for some real number p. There was a time when it was rational to believe G2. But here is a problem. When 0 < |p − 2|<10−100 (say), Gp is practically ...
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What Are You Reading…On Human Nature: Human nature is one of the most controversial yet significant topics that philosophy has traditionally taken up. Just as the study of it has branched ... Read more......
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Mnemonic Confabulation: We’re continuing our series of posts on “Philosophical Perspectives on Confabulation” - our special issue in the journal Topoi this week. In today’s post, Sarah Robins, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Universi ...
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SIST: All Excerpts and Mementos: May 2018-May 2019
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Philosophy Emergency
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“Wollstonecrafts in America” Guest post by Wayne Bodle: A few weeks ago I announced here the discovery of a Cuban botanical book by Mary Wollstonecraft’s sister in law, Nancy, as well as an article by her in the Boston Monthly entitled ...
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A plan for philosophy of social science circa 1976
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Vincente Raja & Michael Anderson’s “Behavior Considered as an Enabling Constraint”: The Brains blog is excited about the next Neural Mechanisms webinar this Friday. It is free. You can find information about how and when to join the webinar b ...
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The Biblical Foundations of Kierkegaard’s Monarchism: There’s been much discussion recently of Kierkegaard’s political views. There was even a panel on this subject at the most recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion. The pa ...
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