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The Publication Emergency (guest post by J. David Velleman)

The following is a guest post* by J. David Velleman, professor of philosophy at New York University. It discusses the problems that arise from graduate students publishing more and more, and presents a pair of suggestions for how to improve matters. ¶ (Some of these ideas were discussed before at Daily Nous in the comments to a previous post. See, also, this rather different proposal.) ¶ Professor Velleman notes that he is speaking here for himself, not in his official capacity as an editor at the journal, Philosophers’ Imprint. [Will Staehle, “The Night Ocean” (manipulated detail)] The Publication Emergency by J. David Velleman ¶ In the past several years, the convention in philosophy of waiting to publish until after the Ph.D. has broken down. Graduate students now believe that they must publish in order to get a job, and most of them are right. ¶ This development is having many deleterious effects. The volume of submissions to journals has exploded. It...

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A Companion to Michael Oakeshott : aestheticsBritish Idealismhistory of political thoughtMichael Oakeshottphilosophical jurisprudencePhilosophyPhilosophy of EducationPhilosophy of historyPhilosophy of mindPolitical philosophyrationalismReligi ...
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The Enlightenment Question: by Holly A. Case Centrál Kávéház, Budapest, c. 1910 I was sitting with my friend Robi at the Café Central in Budapest when the subject turned to religion and the Enlightenment, namely about the separa ...
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Monday Poem: Then If it were thenI’d be seated on the step of the well house now gazing at peach tree buds and the tales they toldof waiting, swelling, beinglistening with the lake at my back down and through the steep slope of woods across ...
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Things related to corn: nixtamalization, planting techniques (the milpa), and journeys in North America: by Hari Balasubramanian There are techniques of processing food that ancient cultures everywhere seem to have arrived at through an unst ...
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Perceptions: Lynette Yiadom-Boakye. Ever the Women Watchful, 2017. New Museum show "Under-Song fro Cipher" here. More here, and here. ...
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The Testimony of the Spirit: New Essays: 2017.07.23 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews R. Douglas Geivett and Paul Moser, (eds.), The Testimony of the Spirit: New Essays, Oxford University Press, 282pp., $35.00 (pbk), I ...
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Epistemology of Geometry: [Revised entry by Jeremy Gray on July 31, 2017. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography] Geometrical knowledge typically concerns two kinds of things: theoretical or abstract knowledge contained in the definitions, the ...
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The Publication Emergency (guest post by J. David Velleman)
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A RESPONSE TO TWO COMMENTS: Two people posted comments about my bitter sweet reminiscences of a time when it seemed that Marx’s approach to an understanding of capitalism might be staging a comeback. The first is someone who uses as his or h ...
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Jeanne Moreau, 23.i.1928 – 31.vii.2017
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Counterfactual History & The Minimal Rewrite Rule: Guest blogger Helen Zhou writes...Recent years have witnessed a proliferation of counterfactual histories -- that is, historical narratives assuming the truth of carefully chosen falsehoods.O ...
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Beyond bullshit?: My friend Chris Gavaler has co-written a piece with Nathaniel Goldberg on Trump and bullshit for Philosophy Now. If you’re interested in this subject then, obviously, you might want to read it. Their conclusion is that ...
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Philosophy Infomercial
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Path of freedom: “ ... [I]f it is true that a spatial order organizes an ensemble of possibilities (e.g., by a place in which one can move) and interdictions (e.g., by a wall that prevents one from going further), then the walker actualizes s ...
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Logic in the wild CFP (Ghent, 9-10 Nov 2017)

CALL FOR PAPERSworkshop on LOGIC IN THE WILD Ghent University, 9 & 10 November 2017. The scope of this workshopNowadays we are witnessing a ‘practical’, or cognitive turn in logic. The approach draws on enormous achievements of a legion of formal and mathematical logicians, but focuses on ‘the Wild’: actual human processes of reasoning and argumentation. Moreover, high standards of inquiry that we owe to formal logicians offer a new quality in research on reasoning and argumentation. In terms of John Corcoran’s distinction between logic as formal ontology and logic as formal epistemology, the aim of the practical turn is to make formal epistemology even more epistemically oriented. This is not to say that this ‘practically turned’ (or cognitively oriented) logic becomes just a part of psychology. This is to say that this logic acquires a new task of “systematically keeping track of changing representations of information”, as Johan van Benthem puts it, and th... Read More ›

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Three Postdoctoral Fellowships at the MCMP (LMU Munich)
The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) seeks applications for three 3-year postdoctoral fellowships starting on October 1, 2017. (A later starting date is possible.) We are especially interested in candidates who work in ...Read More ›

Three Doctoral Fellowships at the MCMP (LMU Munich)
The Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) seeks applications for three 3-year doctoral fellowships starting on October 1, 2017. (A later starting date is possible.) We are especially interested in candidates who work in the ...Read More ›

The Wisdom of the Crowds: generalizing the Diversity Prediction Theorem
I've just been reading Aidan Lyon's fascinating paper, Collective Wisdom. In it, he mentions a result known as the Diversity Prediction Theorem, which is sometimes taken to explain why crowds are wiser, on average, than the individuals w...Read More ›

Reasoning Club Conference 2017
The Fifth Reasoning Club Conference will take place at the Center for Logic, Language, and Cognition in Turin on May 18-19, 2017. The Reasoning Club is a network of institutes, centres, departments, and groups addressing research topics...Read More ›

Formal Truth Theories workshop, Warsaw (Sep. 28-30)
Cezary Cieslinski and his team organize a workshop on formal theories of truth in Warsaw, to take place 28-30 September 2017. The invites include Dora Achourioti, Ali Enayat, Kentaro Fujimoto, Volker Halbach, Graham Leigh, and Albert Vis...Read More ›

Aggregating incoherent credences: the case of geometric pooling
In the last few posts (here and here), I've been exploring how we should extend the probabilistic aggregation method of linear pooling so that it applies to groups that contain incoherent individuals (which is, let's be honest, just abou...Read More ›

LOSING THE PLOT: THE LIBERAL REACTION TO HULU'S HANDMAID: by Richard King I’ll say one thing for the Cheeto Jesus: he’s done wonders for the journalistic trade in specious literary comparisons. In the year or so since Donald Trum ...
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CATSPEAK: by Brooks Riley ...
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What if technology keeps killing more jobs than it creates?: by Emrys Westacott The industrial revolution transformed the world entirely. Its most profound legacy, though, is not anything specific like electricity, motorized transport, or th ...
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'Ants Among Elephants' offers a window into the complexities of India: James Norton in The Christian Science Monitor: It should go without saying that India is a complicated place, a churning cauldron of languages, ethnicities, cas ...
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martin landau (1928 - 2017)
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The Black Hills – Mt Rushmore, Black Elk Peak, and Crazy Horse Memorial
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When Beethoven Met Goethe: Sudip Bose in American Scholar: When Ludwig van Beethoven arrived in the Bohemian spa town of Teplitz in July 1812, he was ill, heartbroken, anxious about his finances, and growing deafer by the day—the dismal weat ...
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Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update
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The Ethics of an Outlaw: 2017.07.22 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Ivan Segré, Spinoza: The Ethics of an Outlaw, David Broder (tr.), Bloomsbury, 2017, 186pp., $114.00(hbk), ISBN 9781472596437. Reviewed by Guada...
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BITTERSWEET MEMORIES: I have become, by default, the family archivist, and so it is that my big sister, sifting through a lifetime of accumulated papers, from time to time puts together a little bundle and sends it to me. The latest packet i...
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Enowning: Economic & Political Weekly on a dalit rite of mourning. Two thinkers throw light on the question of historicism of death, especially death as righteous citizens. Martin Heidegger says, “Where history is genuine it does not pass away by...
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Enowning: Tech.Co on the question concerning Iron Man’s technology. As we meet him in the film, Tony has adopted a completely neutral view of Stark Tech., choosing to ignore the moral implications of being a weapons manufacturer. Delighting in the p...
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A GUEST POST BY OUR VERY OWN JERRY FRESIA: Painting, Art, and PoliticsJerry Fresia “Look Jerry, I think what you have to say about painting is very good, but drop the politics.” This was a common refrain when I first began teaching painting. ...
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Brennan from Western to Guelph
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Logic in the wild CFP (Ghent, 9-10 Nov 2017): CALL FOR PAPERSworkshop on LOGIC IN THE WILD Ghent University, 9 & 10 November 2017. The scope of this workshopNowadays we are witnessing a ‘practical’, or cognitive turn in logic. The approac ...
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Self-consciousness and AI: Some people think that self-consciousness is a big deal, that it’s the sort of thing that might be hard for an artificial intelligence system to achieve. I think consciousness and intentionality are a big deal, that ...
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Report from a summer faculty seminar: “The Verbal Art of Plato”: I spent last week at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C., where Gregory Nagy and Kenneth Morrell were holding an intensive faculty seminar on “The Verbal A ...
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The Rational Human Condition 1, Preface and General Introduction, Section 1.5–Analytic Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, and Rational Anthropology.: ALREADY PUBLISHED: Preface and General Introduction, Section 1.0 — What It Is. Go to: eithe ...
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Phenomenal Privacy & Relativity
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Talk at Boğaziçi: Stephen SYNDER on ‘The Connection between Inexplicability and Freedom: History as Narrative or Process?’ (Thursday, 03/08/2017)
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