What is this site?


»The Practical Ontologist« reflects the world of philosophy as it exists online; it is The Wisdom of the Internet...

Every few hours a computer at a datacenter scans the web for new philosophical content. It then analyzes, processes, and formats the information. This creates an always updating website for easy perusal.

I built this site to highlight all the public philosophy that is posted every single day online and as a way for people to discover philosophically oriented websites. While there are already many excellent websites that post links to philosophical content, The Practical Ontologist is focused on staying fresh and not being a Balkanizing social network. It is the Google News of philosophy blogs.

To learn more about how this all works, see here.

To suggest a new content source – website, podcast, Youtube channel, et cetera – or if you want to advertise here, please contact me. Likewise, if you do not want your content listed here please let me know. I reserve the right to add and remove sites as I choose.

Here is a list of my sources.

As nearly all the content on this site is automatically fetched from external sources, anything posted here should not be seen as an endorsement of that content, by the site owner or any advertiser. It also means that the content may be offensive or otherwise repugnant to your person, and if you are unwilling to possibly see such things then leave now.

The Practical Ontologist is a project of Noah Greenstein.