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Episode #27 - Gilbert on the Ethics of Predictive Brain Implants

In this episode I am joined by Frédéric Gilbert. Frédéric is a philosopher and bioethicist who is affiliated with quite a number of universities and research institutes around the world. He is currently a Scientist Fellow at the University of Washington (UW), in Seattle, US but has a concomitant appointment with the Department of Medicine, at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. On top of that he is an ARC DECRA Research Fellow, at the University of Tasmania, Australia. We talk about the ethics of predictive brain implants.You can download the episode here or listen below. You can also subscribe on Stitcher or iTunes (the RSS feed is here). Show Notes0:00 - Introduction1:50 - What is a predictive brain implant?5:20 - What are we currently using predictive brain implants for?7:40 - The three types of predictive brain implant16:30 - Medical issues around brain implants18:45 - Predictive brain implants and autonomy22:40 - The effect of advisory implants on autonomy35:20 - The effect of automated implants...

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Two people drive drunk at night: one kills a pedestrian, one doesn't. Does the unlucky killer deserve more blame or not?: Robert J Hartman in Aeon: There is a contradiction in our ordinary ideas about moral responsibility. Let’s explore it b ...
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10,000 Hours With Claude Shannon: How A Genius Thinks, Works, and Lives: Rob Goodman and Jimmy Soni in The Mission: For the last five years, we lived with one of the most brilliant people on the planet. Sort of. See, we just published the ...
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Sean Carroll: Extracting the Universe from the Wave Function
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‘Make It So’: ‘Star Trek’ and Its Debt to Revolutionary Socialism: A.M. Gittlitz in the NYT: Gorky was a fan of the Cosmism of Nikolai Fyodorov and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a scientific and mystical philosophy proposing space exploration and ...
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When Reason Goes On Holiday : Neven Sesardic‘s recent book has really set tongues a wagging (to put it mildly), a book that is freely available here. Below one can Nevan hear talk on the topic. The discussion is all very disconcerting a ...
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A Semantic-Network Approach to the History of Philosophy (guest post by Mark Alfano) Daily Nous -

Wittgenstein on Sensation and Perception: 2017.07.19 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Michael Hymers, Wittgenstein on Sensation and Perception, Routledge, 2017, 202pp., $112.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781844658565. Reviewed ...
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Enowning: In Philosophy Now Mahon O’Brien reviews the first Ponderings. Contrary to what some of Heidegger’s most fanatical supporters maintain, these notebooks are not rich philosophical repositories teeming with crucial insights that enhance our un ...
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Mind Chunks (Daily Nous Philosophy Comics)
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Timothy Hall (1969-2017)
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The Memory Hole: How can we forget anything that we have paid attention to? Is that making an event in consciousness that has occurred dependent on personal omission? In the view of Bergson everything remains ’out there’ requiri ...
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AGAINST POST-MODERN PHILO-BABBLE: reply to critics: Some people have expressed objections to my posts on Zizek’s DISPARITIES, against their style and utility, treating them as an acute case of post-modern psycho-babble. Here is the outl ...
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Episode #27 - Gilbert on the Ethics of Predictive Brain Implants
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Proof Theory and Philosophy: This is my next book-length writing project. I am writing a book which aims to do these things: Be a useable textbook in philosophical logic, accessible to someone who’s done only an intro course in logic ...
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On the old saw, “Remember your enemies are human too”: The notion that political enemies are human, too, sharing our common human hopes and fears, triumphs and vulnerabilities, is often deployed in a way to downplay political division and enm ...
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On the old saw, “Remember your enemies are human too”

The notion that political enemies are human, too, sharing our common human hopes and fears, triumphs and vulnerabilities, is often deployed in a way to downplay political division and enmity. In reality, though, the fact that our enemies are human, too, is what makes them morally accountable. If they were inhuman monsters who thrived on death and suffering, then we would expect nothing of them but sadism. The fact that they share our common humanity, that they have experienced love and pain and disappointment and satisfaction just like us, is what makes it so intolerable that they would, for instance, vote to take away people’s access to health care just because they said they would, with no plausible narrative for why such a thing is beneficial as public policy or even as an act of political expediency. The fact that John McCain would get up off his deathbed to participate in this cruel farce does not make him a hero, it makes him a bad person. He had a perfectly valid ... Read More ›

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Interview in The Revealer
Patrick Blanchfield recently interviewed me for The Revealer, on topics related to The Prince of This World and my follow-up project. I am really happy with the way it turned out and grateful for the opportunity. Readers may be particu...Read More ›

Better Skills
As political slogans go, “Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages” is in many respects… suboptimal. Yet I do think that it represents mainstream Democrats’ vision in an authentic way. They agree with the Republ...Read More ›

Summer: Phase 2
The transition from the independent Shimer College to the Shimer Great Books School at North Central College entails a switch from semesters to quarters — meaning that my summer break is approximately a month longer than usual. Be...Read More ›

Review of The Prince of This World at Reading Religion
Michael Patrick Murphy of Loyola University Chicago has posted a very nice review of The Prince of This World at Reading Religion, a book review site sponsored by the American Academy of Religion. It is the first “official” ...Read More ›

Marxism without Marxists
Reading over some of my old work on the theme of divine and revolutionary violence in Žižek today it struck me how odd it is that although his discussion of these themes relies very heavily on Benjamin’s Critique of Violence, whose...Read More ›

On the Use and Abuse of Objects for the Environmental Humanities: Recent Books in Object-Oriented Ontology and Ecotheory
Below you will find a long review essay on three relatively recent books in Object-Oriented Ontology as they attempt to engage with ecology and ecological concerns (you may also download it as a PDF if you prefer). For those who read the...Read More ›

criticizing rorty's critics: María Pía Lara at the LARB: Why then was Rorty ever considered a relativist? Here is one answer: Throughout his career, Rorty was against prescriptions, against thinking that he could provide us with universal fo ...
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What does Jane Austen mean to you?: Geoff Dyer and many others at the TLS: We did Emma for A Level, so it was one of the first serious novels I ever read. In a sense, then, Jane Austen is literature to me. She was not just one of the first n ...
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was Billy Budd black?: Philip Hoare at The New Statesman: Was Billy Budd, the Handsome Sailor at the heart of the book, black? Scholars such as John Bryant believe that there is internal evidence in the manuscript of the book – found in a br ...
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Tuesday Poem: Tinfoil o aluminium roll, o silver scroll confined in this cupboard, bound in cardboard, restrained behind a jagged blade that tears lengths away to mute the bowls and jars of the fridge — o small, spare life. I would fre ...
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The New Science of Daydreaming: Michael Harris in Discover: “I’m sorry, Julie, but it’s just a fact — people are terrified of being in their heads,” I say. “I read this study where subjects chose to give themselves electric shocks rather tha ...
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England’s Mental Health Experiment: It makes economic sense: Benedict Carey in The New York Times: England is in the midst of a unique national experiment, the world’s most ambitious effort to treat depression, anxiety and other common menta ...
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Maybe God actually “set eternity in the human heart.” : David French in the National Review citing Clay Routledge’s recent article in the NYT. Religious faith is the evocation of a sentiment (the love, the glory, or the honor of God, fo ...
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Tirrell from U Mass Boston to Connecticut
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Philosophy Time with James Franco (guest post by Eliot Michaelson)
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APA Good Practices Guide Public Discussion Series, Part 3: Professional development and placement: by Amy Ferrer This post is part of a series of posts soliciting public comment on the APA’s new Good Practices Guide. In the first post in this...
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The Ethics of the Family in Seneca: 2017.07.18 : View this Review Online | View Recent NDPR Reviews Liz Gloyn, The Ethics of the Family in Seneca, Cambridge, 2017, 249 pp., $99.00 (hbk), ISBN 9781107145474. Reviewed by Gretchen Reyd...
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Philosophy In Germany: Too Popular For Its Own Good?
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Why A Philosopher of Color Declined To Contribute To A Special Issue On Current Politics
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Death, harm and time: For the sake of this post, stipulate death to be permanent cessation of existence. Epicurus famously argues that death is not a harm to one, because the living aren’t harmed by death while the dead do not exist. As formu...
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“A megateam of reproducibility-minded scientists” look to lowering the p-value
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Interview in The Revealer: Patrick Blanchfield recently interviewed me for The Revealer, on topics related to The Prince of This World and my follow-up project. I am really happy with the way it turned out and grateful for the opportunity. ...
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Spam, spam, spam, spam, …: [Reposted/updated from thirty months ago.] There are only two options for any blog. Allow no comments at all; or have a spam-filter that filters what goes into the moderation queue. No way can you moderate by hand a ...
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videos of the June 2017 Leicester conference on Dante’s Broken Hammer: Coincidentally, I’ve also just received THIS LINK to all the videos from the June 2017 University of Leicester conference on Dante’s Broken Hammer. Each of the ...
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video interview conducted in New Haven last October: This was done in my hotel room at the very end of the architecture conference at Yale University. Nice editing job by the French filmmakers who did this (French subtitles are even included) ...
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Political Discussion: At the end of a long march they were talking about politics.  “We should go back to the time when everybody felt they were a big family and worked together” said Nimmi.  “That’s crazy” said ...
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Neil A. Manson on “What Norms or Values Define Excellent Philosophy of Religion?”
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