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Philosophy News Share: End of May, 2022

As mentioned in my Summer 2022 Plans, to help keep readers up to date with philosophy news this summer, I’ll be be creating a space each month for individuals and institutions to share news. ¶ This is the first of these, for the remainder of May. ¶ If you have news of the sort that would typically appear on Daily Nous, please share it in the comments. By now most readers have a sense of what such news is, but just in case, here are some examples: faculty moves at the associate level or higher involving at least one department with a graduate program in philosophy philosophers winning awards, prizes, or other honors philosophers receiving substantial grants new philosophy journals new philosophy programs new research resources for philosophers new associations or groups for philosophers policy changes of note at philosophy journals, publishers, institutions data regarding philosophers, philosophy students, and philosophy (or efforts to gather such data) innovative presentations of...

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Studies in Classical Liberalism: Three New Titles : See here. Alessandro Rosselliclassical liberalismconstructivismideologyrationalismwalter weimer ...
meta sci trad Man Without Qualities -

EPISTEME: Vol. 18 Issue 2 : Latest issue EPISTEMEEpistemologysocial epistemology ...
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Happy Birthday Freud!: My take on Freud is that it is the clinic and speech of the patient that is most important. For good psychoanalysis, the speech of the patient or analysand is sacred. The motto is “say anything”, let the speech go whe ...
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Plato and Transcendental Argument: As I said in my post on Platonic dialectic, everything begins with an encounter. Encounters occur in a space of immanence. The Real erupts in the …Plato and Transcendental Argument ...
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Plato and Transcendental Argument: As I said in my post on Platonic dialectic, everything begins with an encounter. Encounters occur in a space of immanence. The Real erupts in the world. There’s a crisis. That’s what an encounter is. So ...
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Philosopher Melissa Jacquart Awarded a Whiting Programs Fellowship: The Whiting Foundation has just announced that they will be awarding six $50,000 Fellowships and five $10,000 Seed Grants to a vibrant cross-section of public-humanities coll ...
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Anti-Bayesian update and scoring rules in infinite spaces: Bayesian update on evidence class="math inline">E is transitioning from a credence function P to the credence function P(⋅∣E). Anti-Bayesian update on E is moving from P to class="m ...
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Shangri La Variations: I There are two paths to Shangri La. One goes by the sea, the other by the mountains. You are on the mountain path and about to enter Shangri La. You can choose how your belief state will change as you enter through the ...
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Philosophy News Share: End of May, 2022
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Physicalism and the progress of science: People sometimes use the progress of science to argue for physicalism about the mind. But it seems to me that Dostoevskii made more progress in understanding the human mind by existential reflection th ...
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Scripting is Imagining
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Kierkegaard and MacDonald on Genuine Community
meta trad Piety on Kierkegaard -

P&PA Discussion: Hayden Wilkinson’s “Market Harms and Market Benefits”
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Neural Mechanisms Online: James Haxby will livestream on June 3rd.
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Žižek on Ukraine  : HERE. I largely agree with this piece. In intellectual life we spend a lot of time dumping on narrow-minded, Über-patriotic, provincial and uneducated aggressors. I do it too, yielding to no one in my contempt for the c ...
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Žižek on Ukraine  

HERE. I largely agree with this piece. In intellectual life we spend a lot of time dumping on narrow-minded, Über-patriotic, provincial and uneducated aggressors. I do it too, yielding to no one in my contempt for the cheaply anti-intellectual cult of racist and pseudo-masculine bullies that makes up a large part of support for Trump in this country. In my view they are a plague on us all, and still pose a grave danger. That said, there is nothing lazier in intellectual life than reflexive anti-Western and anti-American sentiment. At bottom it’s just an inverted form of American exceptionalism: if America isn’t the best, then it must at least be the worst. The CIA must be responsible for just about anything rotten that goes on in the world, and so forth. In this connection, a sweeping anti-capitalism has returned as a kind of substitute religion rather than a nuanced critique, a new way to signal group allegiance by demonstrating that your soul has been saved. ... Read More ›

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currently finishing a piece on Derrida
It is an article entitled “The Missing Pieces of Derrida’s Voice and Phenomenon,” which should be finished and submitted today and ought to be available in online form a few months from now. As is widely known by no...Read More ›

The Repeater Book of Heroism
The Repeater Book of Heroism, edited by Tariq Goddard and Alex Niven, now exists in physical form and is available for purchase, even though Amazon still says it won’t be available until October, for some reason. My chapter dis...Read More ›

now off of Twitter
So, my Twitter account is now closed. I promised to try to make up for that through a partial revival of this blog. Obviously, the blogosphere has become somewhat moribund and is a far cry from its glory days of a generation ago. But t...Read More ›

debate/discussion with Todd McGowan now available
This just happened yesterday. I’m quite fond of McGowan as a person. This was our first actual meeting, though we’ve been watching each other’s videos for awhile. Read More ›

discussion with Todd McGowan
I just had a very nice discussion of Hegel with Todd McGowan (University of Vermont), hosted by Treydon Lunot. It will be online for viewers tomorrow, and of course I’ll post the link here. Read More ›

update to previous post: Objects Untimely
Christopher Witmore and I have now signed the contract with Polity Press to publish (the already completed) Objects Untimely. As mentioned below, our primary topic in this book is the relevance of alternative concepts of time to both ar...Read More ›

Carl Menger and Classical Liberalism: Latest issue of C+T : Freely available here. Carl Mengerclassical liberalismcosmos+taxis ...
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The Kathy Wilkes Memorial Conference : Beginning this year (tomorrow), The Herbert Simon Society (Turin), IUC Dubrovnik, and St. Hilda’s College Oxford are putting on an annual conference to honour Kathy Wilkes. The conference deals wi ...
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Wilhelm von Humboldt: [Revised entry by Kurt Mueller-Vollmer and Markus Messling on May 24, 2022. Changes to: Bibliography] Wilhelm (Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Karl Ferdinand) von Humboldt, German man of letters extraordinary, close friend...
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APOLOGIA PRO VITA SUA: I have taught countlessly many works of philosophy, politics, sociology, economics, history, literature, and Afro-American studies since I earned my doctorate 65 years ago, but in that long time I have only engaged deep...
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Implicit Attitudes, Science, and Philosophy (guest post)
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Summer 2022 Plans: a Note to Readers
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Voluntary Euthanasia: [Revised entry by Robert Young on May 24, 2022. Changes to: Main text] The entry sets out five conditions often said to be necessary for anyone to be a candidate for legalized voluntary euthanasia (and, with appropriat...
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The Ambivalence of Resilience: This essay is dedicated to Peter Emmanuel Mara and Eds Abadam-Mara, my dear friends. Sending you love and strength. There is something discomfiting about referring to certain groups of people as resilient. Resil... Blog of the APA -

What’s new in spinal cord repair?
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Techno-Optimism: An Analysis, An Evaluation and A Modest Defence
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Professor Chantal Delsol on Reversion to Paganism: It used to be said that the bad things that were happening in the world were due to its being on the cusp of the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is the iron age of mechanism, materialism and lack ...
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Advancements in Gaming Technology
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How Technology Has Changed the Gaming Industry
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The Pros and Cons of Technology in Gaming
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Influence of Videogames Technology on Social and Cultural Development
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