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Happy Birthday R.A. Fisher: ‘Two New Properties of Mathematical Likelihood’

17 February 1890–29 July 1962 ¶ Today is R.A. Fisher’s birthday. I will post some Fisherian items this week in honor of it*. This paper comes just before the conflicts with Neyman and Pearson erupted.  Fisher links his tests and sufficiency, to the Neyman and Pearson lemma in terms of power.  We may see them as ending up in a similar place while starting from different origins. I quote just the most relevant portions…the full article is linked below. Happy Birthday Fisher! “Two New Properties of Mathematical Likelihood“ by R.A. Fisher, F.R.S. Proceedings of the Royal Society, Series A, 144: 285-307 (1934) ¶   The property that where a sufficient statistic exists, the likelihood, apart from a factor independent of the parameter to be estimated, is a function only of the parameter and the sufficient statistic, explains the principle result obtained by Neyman and Pearson in discussing the efficacy of tests of significance.  Neyman and Pearson introduce the notion that...

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Grief and Love at The End of the World: Shifting from this current power structure into the right way of living with the planet would absolutely be revolutionary and radical. It would mean everything has to change, literally. How we transport ...
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Shapiro’s Embodied Cognition : Larry Shapiro’s Embodied Cognition is about to be published as a second edition. Cognitive scienceEmbodied cognitionExtended cognitionLawrence ShapiroPhilosophy of mindsituated cognition ...
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The Consolation of Philosophy : Melvyn Bragg discusses the Consolation of Philosophy with A. C. Grayling, Melissa Lane, and Roger Scruton. a.c. graylingBoethiusconsolation of philosophyMelvyn BraggRoger Scruton ...
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Fyodor Dostoevsky, Walker Percy, and the Age of Suicide : Recently published.   DostoyevskyJohn DesmondsuicideWalker Percy ...
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What Are Love and Sex? Eight Answers from Philosophy
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New Group: Philosophers for Sustainability
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Ten Things I Love About Philosophers
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Enowning: Federico Campagna on technology. Following Heidegger’s hypothesis, if we understand reality as the frame within which the existent presents itself to our experience, we can observe how Technic consists primarily in a specific reality-system ...
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Descartes’ Epistemology: [Revised entry by Lex Newman on February 15, 2019. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography] Rene Descartes (1596 - 1650) is widely regarded as the father of modern philosophy. His noteworthy contributions extend to math ...
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Alastair Norcross: What It Is Like to Be a Philosopher?: The APA blog is working with Cliff Sosis of What is it Like to Be a Philosopher? in publishing advance excerpts from Cliff’s long-form interviews with philosophers. ... Read more... ...
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Happy Birthday R.A. Fisher: ‘Two New Properties of Mathematical Likelihood’
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Putt-Putt Frog (Photo)
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CfP: Workshop on Political Philosophy and the Future of Capitalism (Waseda University, 15-17 June 2019): A workshop on the theme Political Philosophy and the Future of Capitalism will be held at Waseda University, in Tokyo, from June 15 to 17 ...
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No Sleep 'Till Derry: Insomnia by Stephen King
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Abortion and culpability
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Toward More Respectful Academic Reference Practices

Third Person Polite: In defence of more courteous reference David Benatar Why do academics, in their professional writings, refer to their scholarly predecessors and one another by their surnames only? It may be tempting to answer that that is the convention – “everybody does it”. However, while that is a compelling explanation, it does not constitute a good justification. Yet it seems that the practice does require a justification because, on the face of it, it appears impolite to refer to people in this way. It lacks the personal touch and individualising feature of the first name but also the respectful tone of a prefixed title. It is thus unsurprising that most of us do not refer to our friends and colleagues that way. Nor do most of us use only surnames when directly addressing people, whatever their relational proximity or distance to us may be. Of course there are contexts in which people do address one another in precisely this fashion. The military, as well as traditional ... Read More ›

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What’s Wrong With Heritable Human Gene Editing?
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What’s Wrong With the #10YearChallenge?
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What’s Wrong With “Prevention Optimism”?
Does it raise ethical questions about PrEP for HIV? Story here. Read More ›

What’s Wrong With the “Green New Deal”?
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What’s Wrong With Judging People for Their Past Moral Failings?
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Biased Algorithms and What to do About Them
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On Being Naked and Having Sex
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Why Sexual Morality Doesn't Exist
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How We Think of Our Lives: Boredom in Contemporary Literature
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The History and Politics of Boredom
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Between Knowing and Believing
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Beckett's Political Imagination
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What Is Truth? Four Different Answers
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Natural law: Between objectivism and subjectivism: Aristotelian natural law approaches provide an attractive middle road between objectivist and subjectivist answers to various normative questions: the answers to the questions are relative to...
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Supervenience and omniscience: Problem: It seems that if God necessarily exists, then the moral automatically supervenes on the non-moral. For, any two worlds that differ in moral facts also differ in what God believes about moral facts, and ...
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A BELATED REPLY TO S. WALLERSTEIN: Nine days ago, in response to a post entitled “From Each According to His Ability,” S. Wallerstein wrote a comment to which I did not at the time respond, but which has been rattling around in my mind, and I...
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APA Member Interview: Sara Aronowitz: by Sabrina D. MisirHiralall Sara Aronowitz is a postdoctoral research associate at Princeton University in the Concepts and Cognition Lab. She studies why we remember ... Read more......
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Buddha: [Revised entry by Mark Siderits on February 14, 2019. Changes to: Bibliography] The Buddha (fl. circa 450 BCE) is the individual whose teachings form the basis of the Buddhist tradition. These teachings, preserved in texts known as ...
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Medieval Theories: Properties of Terms: [Revised entry by Stephen Read on February 14, 2019. Changes to: Main text, Bibliography, notes.html] The theory of properties of terms (proprietates terminorum) was the basis of the medievals’ ...
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2018 PEA Soup Awards!!!
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What’s Wrong With Heritable Human Gene Editing?
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Ilhan Inan’s talk on Feb 22, Friday at Bozazici (JF507 at 17h): “Awareness of Ignorance” ABSTRACT: Humans may be the only species on earth that have the aptitude to become aware of their own ignorance. This peculiar skill plays a ...
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Neoliberalism’s Demons Book Event: We are going to make them give us what we want: “To educate man to be actional, preserving in all his relations his respect for the basic values that constitute a human world, is the prime task of him, ...
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Fading Away: Does the shape of life matter?
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Studying Ethics Should Influence Your Behavior (But It Doesn't Seem to)
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JMP Discussion of Spencer Case’s “From Epistemic to Moral Realism”
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